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gif meme:  tenth doctor + hair

Cat. I think your stomach is falling.


sweat is just your body crying because it wants you to stop moving


So I forgot my password to tumblr and since on my new blog I use an old email address that I also can’t remember the password to, if I ever want to use tumblr on my new computer I will have to use my old blog. Therefore I will slowly start to transition to my old blog again. Please reblog.

my other blog is hyliansupercat

p.s. I can still use tumblr on my phone but I want to use my laptop sometimes, hence the transition.

These have made such great little phone background and lock screens! You can find them on Zedge.

(I did not make them)


"Drop the bass, Skrillex!"

But Skrillex doesn’t drop the bass. Instead, he clutches it in his hands, unable to let it go, dooming the fate of the world in his greed.


"Drop the bass, Skrillex," repeats a desperate Samwise Gamgee, "please."


when you mess up talking to the person behind the counter 


You win an Oscar everyday in my heart bby


To became a fan is not just hear a song, you have to feel it!" - Jon Bon Jovi

Happy 52nd Birthday John Francis Bongiovi Jr!!!!!

Happy 46th Birthday, Daniel!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

The time has come

Prayer Circle for Leo


Guess who discovered photoshop on their phone today?


Ugh, all these fangirls pretending to be REAL Hannibal fans. I bet you’ve never even eaten a person

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